Free From Area with World Gluten Free Chef Academy


Increasingly attentive to correct lifestyles and respect for intolerances, SANA is inaugurating an exhibition section entirely dedicated to Free From food, with a special focus on Gluten Free.

The consumption of 'free from' foods is not only limited to general nutritional needs but is gaining importance due to an increasing number of problems related to intolerances or allergies.

The global Free From food market has been estimated at more than $71 million in the year 2022. It has been estimated that the gluten-free food market alone will be worth about US$81 million in 2023, and the forecast is for it to reach more than US$150 million by 2028, a growth rate of 13.25 percent.

The fastest growing markets are the Middle East and Africa and the largest market is Asia-Pacific*. All of these countries are included in the SANA 2023 incoming buyer program, in addition to many others.

The 'Free From Area' is realized in collaboration with WORLD GLUTEN FREE CHEF ACADEMY, in whose events area managed by master Francesco Favorito, training sessions for the world and Cooking demos will alternate, with a special focus on great leavened goods.
There will be an in-depth scientific session on gluten-free nutrition with a talk entitled: The gluten-free diet in intestinal disorders and autoimmune diseases by Dr. De Rosas.

On Saturday, 9, the state of the 'art on de-alcoholized wines curated by UIV Unione Italiana Vini will be addressed, followed by a tasting of different varieties of these wines: Steinbock Zero and Steinbock Alcohol Free Sparkling (Hofstätter), Rivani Sparkling White - Zero Alcohol and Rivani Sparkling Rosé Zero Alcohol (Schenk) and Zonin Cuvée Zero (Casa Vinicola Zonin Spa).


2023 Programme

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