The SANA Observatory, scheduled for Friday 6 September at 3.00p.m. at the Notturno Meeting Room, promoted by BolognaFiere and managed by Nomisma under the patronage of Federbio and Assobio, is a monitoring tool for understanding key trends in the organic products market, from production levels to the size of the market.


Through in-depth research to gauge the magnitude of Italian organic food exports, the SANA 2019 Observatory will focus on the competitive position of Italian products on foreign markets, with an in-depth analysis of Russian and Japanese markets, thanks to the participation of Giuseppe Russo, Food Manager ICE Mosca, and Toshiko Omichi, Senior Trade Analyst Tokyo ICE office.


Besides releasing projections for Italian organic product sales on the international market, the Nomisma 2019 SANA Observatory will also present the key figures for the organic products sector in Italy and the results of the annual survey that it conducts among Italian consumers, mapping the latest consumption trends on the domestic market.


SANA Observatory - Monitoring

    Key industry figures: surface area invested, supply chain involved (nr. of farms and processing plants), consumption levels

    Organic product consumers: purchasing patterns, needs, motivations  


SANA Observatory – 2019 analysis: Italian organic food exports: magnitude and trends

The Nomisma 2019 SANA Observatory aims primarily to identify:

    the key figures for monitoring the magnitude of Italian organic branded food exports, main export markets and role of each product category;