SANA 2022 will offer a very rich program of events, with numerous insights on the most current topics and debates on the solutions necessary to face the new market structures after the pandemic.

First of all, the organic supply chain, today also at the center of the political-economic debate: Bio Revolution, the States General of Organic, will deal with both the presentation of the data of the last year, with the deepening of the SANA Survey, and the comparison with the Institutions.
Packaging will be one of the main themes of the program, in particular as regards the search for sustainable solutions: the "Responsible Packaging" will in fact be the focus of two conferences organized within SANATECH, dedicated respectively to the cosmetics and agri-food sectors.


The SANA 2022 events program is being defined.


Relive the conference appointments that enriched the 2021 edition of SANA.