"La Via delle Erbe" at SANA: a full calendar of conferences, a dedicated exhibition and market research on the positioning of herbalists in Italy

"La Via delle Erbe" is an initiative promoted by SANA in collaboration with the magazine L'Erborista (Tecniche Nuove Group) and consists of a schedule in which magisterial lectures given by professionals and experts in phytotherapy and herbal medicine alternate with conversations between sponsoring companies and herbalists, moderated by experts in the field.
Dedicated to learning about the world of herbs, this itinerary also aims to raise awareness of medicinal plants through a journey of images and insights into the history, origins, traditional and current uses and properties of some of the most significant plant species used in health and wellness products.


This year the focus of the program will be on blue herbs.
Blue understood both as the color of the flowers or fruits of the chosen plants and in a broader and therefore symbolic sense referring to a "blue mood" state of mind, indicating sadness, depression, low mood: therefore, the plant species that have been shown to improve mood disorders will be discussed by tracing their traditional use and scientific confirmations.

image 2 row


Among the blue herbs that have been identified in nature's precious treasure chest are for illustrative purposes:
lavender, passion flower, nigella, scutellaria, blueberry, vervain, cornflower, hyssop, eyebright, lungwort, chasteberry, aromatic species such as rosemary and sage.

The trail of evocative images will be alternated with meetings between professionals and experts in the field.


  • Mariella Di Stefano, journalist, editor of L'Erborista magazine
  • Fabio Firenzuoli, medical phytotherapist, director of CERFIT in Florence, professor University of Florence
  • Marco Valussi, expert in phytotherapy and aromatherapy
  • Marco Biagi, professor University of Siena, secretary general of the Italian Society of Phytotherapy
  • Paola Paltrinieri, herbalist, lecturer Academy of Herbal Tea
  • Francesco Novetti, herbalist, author of the book 'Herbal teas for everyone'



Friday, September 9

Paola Paltrinieri: Scutellaria to improve mood disorders

Francesco Novetti: Live presentation and display of a traditional herbal formulation to counter melancholy and live peacefully without stress


Saturday, September 10

Marco Biagi: Evidence and activity of passionflower on mood alterations and blue mood

Marco Valussi: Properties and Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

Sunday, September 11

Fabio Firenzuoli: Blueberry and nigella in metabolic syndrome


market research conducted by Nomisma on the positioning and outlook for herbalists in Italy will also be presented on Sunday, Sept. 11 from 12.00pm to 13.30pm in a premiere.

The survey conducted has a twofold objective: to quantify the number of Italians who frequent herbalist shops for their purchases and to analyze the customers' profile. At the same time, it will be possible to profile the "non-customer" by understanding the reasons why they do not frequent herbalist shops and what might be the aspects that would make them choose them.