a cycle of conferences dedicated to "white herbs

The "La via delle Erbe" is the fifth appointment promoted by SANA (International Organic and Natural Exhibition), for the second year running in collaboration with l'Erborista (a specialist magazine of the Tecniche Nuove Group). It consists of a rich schedule of conferences, alternating master classes held by key opinion leaders in the sector, experts in herbal medicine and phytotherapy, moderated by the scientific director of the magazine, which for more than 30 years has been an authoritative source of specialised information for all herbalists in Italy.

The 2023 edition sees white herbs as the protagonists, declining their beneficial properties in relation to their herbal use to support the digestive system, also in relation to the central nervous system. Among the herbs discussed by our experts, a number of white-flowered plants have been identified that, due to their phytotherapeutic characteristics, are useful for the wellbeing of body and mind, at a digestive and stress management level.

A cycle of conferences whose programme takes place over three days, all dedicated to scientific insights into the main plants used as phytotherapeutic and herbal remedies. In conjunction with the conferences, an exhibition area will be set up where, through an itinerary of images and thematic insights into the origins, uses and properties of certain plants in particular, a number of wellness and health products will be displayed. Once again this year, La Via delle Erbe can count on speakers of absolute scientific value.

Here are some of the white herbs covered by the lectures and exhibition: Yarrow, Bergamot, Hawthorn, Chamomile, Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis), Lemon Balm, Mint, White Nettle or Horseradish, Valerian.

Following the success of the 2022 survey, from this edition the Herbalist in collaboration with Nomisma, inaugurates the exclusive Herbalist Survey. The initiative stems from the awareness that the Italian herbalist market is lacking in information. At the same time, however, Italians are showing increasing attention to the sustainability and naturalness of products, making the market and knowledge of it increasingly interesting for those involved in the supply chain.

Below is the programme dedicated to white herbs.


H 15:30

Opening session and introduction
Mariella Di Stefano
Scientific Director of L'ERBORISTA, moderating the lecture series

H 16.00

NOMISMA for the Herbalist
presentation of the Herbalist Observatory


H 10.45

Paola Paltrinieri
herbalist, lecturer at the Accademia della Tisana
"Activities of yarrow, coriander and mint on the gastroenteric axis".
(Achillea millefolium L., Coriandrum sativum L., Mentha x piperita L.)

H 12.00

Marco Valussi
phytotherapy expert specialising in essential oils - Italian contact person for EHPA
"Action of essential oils of bergamot and myrtle on the central nervous system".
(Citrus x bergamia Risso et Poit., Myrtus communis L.)

H 14.30

Mimmo Scollo, Scientific dept Manager
Originy: from microalgae innovative solutions for nutraceutics and the environment

H 15.00

Francesco Novetti
herbalist for three generations, expert in traditional formulations
"Gastric disorders of a psychosomatic nature and the usefulness of medicinal plants: presentation of a formulation according to traditional herbalism".


H 16.00

Slim Kabbaj – Interprofession Maroc Bio
Morocco-Italy: potential perspectives about herbal remedies


H 10.45

Marco Biagi Ph.D.
Professor of Pharmaceutical Biology University of Siena
"Valeriana and olive tree in the management of stress symptoms".
(Valeriana officinalis L., Olea europaea L.)

H 12.00

Enrica Campanini
physician expert in phytotherapy and medicinal plants
"Medicinal plants between body and mind: lemon balm, angelica and cranberry".
(Melissa officinalis L., Angelica archangelica L., Vaccinium vitis idaea L.)

H 15.00

Stefania La Badessa
pharmacist expert in phytotherapy and phytocosmetics
"Not only alimurgical: horseradish, white nettle and wasabi".
(Armoracia rusticana L., Lamium album L., Eutrema japonicum (Miq.) Koidz.) 

 H 16.00

Morocco-Italy: potential perspectives about herbal remedies 
With Slim Kabbaj, Interprofession Maroc Bio
Organized by Tecniche Nuove




H 11.00

Prof. Fabio Firenzuoli
Medical expert in phytotherapy, Director CERFIT, AOU Careggi - Florence
"Orange and withania: PNEI activity and digestive system".
(Citrus aurantium Spp., Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal.

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