The ritual of the aperitif has become, in recent years, a phenomenon of custom, an indispensable moment for millions of people who enjoy a relaxing break with friends.

The Aperitivo is a ritual appreciated and recognized even abroad, where it is spreading fast.

After the success of last year, the event APERITIVO @ SANA 2023 will be presented in the event area in Hall 29 and has been conceived to give visibility to the proposals intended for this moment of consumption by the Exhibitors of SANA, creating tastings during the trade show and to offer national and international buyers, the opportunity to taste and appreciate the values of the aperitif.

To bring the project to life, the DRINK FACTORY school led by Mr Federico Mastellari has been involved for the second consecutive year, and will turn the lights on this ritual, emphasizing three themes:

1) Alcohol-free Mixology: the art of non-alcoholic cocktails.
2) Exploring "Low alcohol" Cocktails: a new trend
3) Twist on classic: how to rework classic cocktails.

Based on three types of products
- Infusions and teas
- Chocolate
- Wine in Mixing

This year the area will also host talks on live science and wellness by the RS Italia group, a talk by Dr. Speciani developing ''Signal Medicine,'' and a status information session on dealcoholic wines organized by UIV, Unione italiana Vini followed by the tasting of three types of wine.


2023 Programme