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If it is true, as it is, that 'another world is possible', then Terre e Tradizioni wants to prove it with facts by presenting at SANA 2022 a wide range of products based on ancient Italian grains, organically grown in Southern Italy and promoting virtuous agro-ecology projects.

"Take time to harvest the past, so that you will be able to learn from your experience and invest it in the future." The words of entrepreneur Jim Rohn fully represent the company that has chosen the rugged, sun-drenched plains of Southern Italy to recover and cultivate with organic farming methods native ancient grain varieties, known since Greco-Roman times.


How is Terre e Tradizioni committed to sustainability and care for the environment?

Our commitment to regenerative agriculture that is truly sustainable for the environment is total, in all our activities. We cultivate our ancient grains using organic farming practices, we use energy from renewable sources for our stone mill, and we recover rainwater to irrigate the fields, maintaining soil fertility by composting processing residues and the practice of green manure.
We are also completing the integration of our production chain through the installation of new processing and raw material storage facilities that will allow us to present ourselves as a 'Farm to Fork' company, from field to table, in all respects.


A commitment to sustainability that also finds expression in a collaboration with Legambiente Sicilia. Isn't that so?


In collaboration with Legambiente Sicilia, we promote the cultivation of our organic ancient grains in the area, in an agro-ecology project aimed at reconverting disused farmland, replacing energy-intensive production that is no longer sustainable, and encouraging planting to combat soil desertification.



What news does Terre e Tradizioni have in store for SANA 2022?

At SANA 2022 we will be presenting the Cuscinetti Croccanti Bio, very thin pastries with Russello durum wheat, which has a low gluten index and is a source of fibre. A tasty yet simple snack that contains all the nutritional and organoleptic properties of ancient wheat! We have made it in three flavours: Classic, Pizza and Rosemary.


Will this be the only novelty we will see at the next edition of the Salone?


The ancient tradition of the Neapolitan culinary school, handed down by the expert pasta masters of Gragnano, will find its highest expression in a new line that we will present at SANA 2022. Made with artisan care in a workshop in the heart of the town, the "Le Campane" line of organic Gragnano IGP pasta is made by bronze-drawing and slow drying at a low temperature, so as to keep intact the high nutritional values of the prized Saragolla durum wheat semolina.
Saragolla is an ancient variety of durum wheat originating in central-southern Italy. It derives from wild spelt, the first cereal used by man. Rich in minerals and with a low gluten index, it is particularly suitable for those who have difficulty assimilating the very tenacious gluten of modern grains, other than coeliac disease.