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Concerns about environmental issues and the exhaustibility of fossil fuels have stimulated the search for alternative energy sources, including the use of biogas to produce thermal, mechanical and electrical energy. In addition, anaerobic digestion is proposed as an aid to stabilisation and thus more generally to waste disposal.

At SANA 2022 Sustainable Technologies srl will present all the latest innovations in terms of manufactured products, industrial processes and environmental protection strategies.


What role does research into anaerobic digestion play for Sustainable Technologies srl?

Sustainable Technologies srl has invested heavily in instrumentation for its anaerobic digestion research laboratory. The biological process management method, developed by owner Maria A. Rosato and published in the US, has received Book Authority recognition, ranking 72nd on the list of the 100 best chemical engineering books of all time.

With a view to growth and diversification, the company has established commercial agreements for the distribution of BTC A/S bioreactors, as well as consolidating its position as the exclusive importer of BPC Instruments AB.



What are the distinguishing features of Sustainable Technologies srl?

The company's greatest strength is the profile of its owner, an entrepreneur with deep cultural roots in the world of research and development. The ability to understand the needs of researchers and process engineers, combined with the ingenuity to find the most efficient solution at the right price, guarantee customer satisfaction.