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Handcrafted production, 100% sustainable or circular economy materials, bold patterns on scarves and accessories: Innbamboo® is the innovative fashion brand that respects the environment.

At SANA 2022, the elaborate delicacy of the famous Bamboo® scarves, the Tuscan company's best-known brand, an ode to creativity and respect for the environment, returns.


What makes Innbamboo an innovative project?

Innbamboo® was born with the idea of making products that are both beautiful and sustainable, for a conscious and reasoned choice, respecting the environment and artisans. This is why our brand only uses materials that meet strict ethical requirements, constantly studying how to improve them.

Our employees combine a love of good design with a passion for craftsmanship and traditional workmanship. Working on a limited number of pieces, mostly by hand and with local professionals, Innbamboo® makes all its accessories in a sustainable, ethical and aesthetically sound manner.

We value inclusion, honesty and reciprocity. Our business is more than the accessories we make, it is about creating a sustainable and just future for the planet and the fashion industry.



How do Innbamboo's creations come about?

We create clothing, accessories and articles with eco-sustainable fabrics and by involving other local producers and artisans, constantly reducing the distances between the Tuscan workshops where our garments are created.

We strive for circularity and mitigate the environmental impact of our production on the planet. Not a single scrap of fabric goes into the rubbish and every accessory is made according to a zero-waste design process to eliminate any waste from our production.
From the materials we use, to the way we design, manufacture and deliver our products; we are constantly working to provide easy-to-wear garments that connect with nature.

We follow the principles of circular economy in particular in the production of Bamboo Bag®, from the use of a special fabric obtained by recycling plastic bottles collected from Italian soil and seas, to the recycling and regeneration of the leather destined for disposal.
We will also return to reaffirm our focus on the environment and the circular economy at the next edition of SANA, when we will present a new line of Bamboo® scarves made from regenerated cashmere fibre.




Does the sustainable soul of your company also guide your choice of packaging?

Even the packaging that holds our garments and accessories is designed and manufactured with the utmost environmental compatibility in mind. All packaging is in fact made from certified cardboard, as evidenced by the international FSC certification clearly visible on their surfaces, to guarantee the exclusive use of raw materials from forests managed in full respect of the social, economic and environmental needs of present and future generations.



Let's talk about Bamboo Scarves: are they your most successful product?

Over the years we have created 5 lines, more than 100 colours and over 500 references in the catalogue; there is certainly no lack of variety.

The line we are perhaps most fond of is ART, where each of our decorative designs expresses the distinctive mark of a great name in international pictorial art: Warhol, Van Gogh, Monet, Khalo and many others.



SANA is one of the most eagerly awaited events for the Innbamboo community: what novelties will be presented at the next edition?

Not only a complete restyling of the JUNIOR line and 7 new Bamboo® scarf patterns, but SANA will also be the occasion to present an absolute preview of a new collection. After the unmistakable Bamboo® Foulards, the practical Bamboo Bag®, the kaftans and kimonos of the Bamboo Wear® collection, the must-have Bamboo Masques® and the variety of Bamboo Shoes®, a new garment joins the Innbamboo® family. Can you imagine what the new accessory reinvented through bamboo yarn will be?