iamge Face to face with iWell Group



Providing reliable technologies to save money and improve life, while contributing to the preservation of the planet, is the goal of the iWell Group, a group made up of several companies working in synergy to provide the end customer with the best consultancy combined with the best solutions in the field of health and efficiency.


Home saving means solutions and technologies that can save the end user money in various areas including: water saving, money saving, energy saving.
iWell Group will present at SANA 2022 a second ambitious goal: to promote a healthy lifestyle by improving the health of the individual, through ecological and innovative solutions that can save people money but also contribute to the well-being of the environment.


Does respect for the environment come through education?

Our most ambitious goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle by improving the health of the individual, through education and training.
Our educational projects, and our many collaborations with the social world, aim to make the new generations aware of the problem of plastic, water waste and all those practices that even in their own small way can make a difference.

Young people are the future of the planet, and with them in mind we have chosen to invest time, resources and skills so that the Earth can breathe again.
iWell Group, in particular, has activated specific communication channels with the aim of educating and raising the awareness of the new generations on the consequences of plastic dispersion in the seas and aquifers. Added to this is a special focus on the conscious use of water, and all the useful practices to conserve it, purify it and use it in the best possible way, without waste. A topic that is as topical as ever.