April 2020

The Covid-19 emergency has led to a significant increase in sales of food products. Consumers are paying serious attention to quality and food safety and this is particularly visible in the performance of organic products compared with their non-organic counterparts.
Sales of non-organic fruit and vegetable produce have registered an increase of 18.2%, while the organic segment has seen growth of 24.8%. Even more striking has been the preference for organic meat (beef and chicken) with a 44.2% increase compared with 29% for regular meat. Frozen organic products have also seen their sales grow by 44.8% compared with 20.5% for their non-organic counterparts.


These trends attest to the growing recognition – also from new groups of consumers – of the quality and food safety of the organic production chain, which represents the very best of national agricultural production as well as the companies that transform agricultural produce into food products.


Italy today is the European leader in the organic sector with more than 68,000 agricultural producers and more than 10,000 companies transforming organic produce into food products: these are some of the best ambassadors for the excellence of Italian food production and the country’s rich heritage of speciality food and wine products.