July 2019

According to the first Philips Report, consumers invest 43 billion euros in wellness products and services. They spend 17.5 billion on food, 10.2 billion on body care products (excluding cosmetics), 8.6 billion on keeping fit, 4.9 billion on stress management and restoring their mental and physical balance, and 1.8 billion on products to help improve their sleep and relaxation.

Seven billion of what consumers spend on food is for diets and special diet food, 3.7 billion is used to purchase small kitchen appliances, while 3.4 billion goes to buy food supplements (herbal products, dietary supplements, probiotics, etc.).

More than 75% of the amount earmarked for beauty treatments is paid to specialised centres, while 3.5 billion of what is spent on physical activity pays for subscriptions to gyms, swimming pools and various courses, and 2.4 billion is spent on the purchase of workout apparel and sports equipment. Fitness apps and software and exercise equipment account for an outlay of almost one billion euros.


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