September 2019

The conference “Environmental sustainability: best practices in support of organic farming” will be taking place at SANA on Monday, 9 September, offering audiences the opportunity to see which actions, other than crossing over to organic farming, are contributing the most toward safeguarding the environment and significantly reducing C02 emissions. Discussions will report on the situation in the field of agriculture, large-scale distribution, packaging materials and the foodservice industry.

Speakers include: Giampiero Calzolari (President of BolognaFiere) - Simona Caselli (Emilia Romagna Regional Counsellor for Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing) - Gianni Castelli (ARERA member - Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment).


Also participating and addressing issues relating to their respective areas of expertise are:

Chiara Faenza (Head of Sustainability and Innovation values, Department of Quality - Coop Italia); Fabio Brescacin (President, NaturaSì); Paolo Carnemolla (Segretary Generale, FederBio); Marco Versari (President, Assobioplastiche); Guido Amato (Director, Owens Illinois); Simone Gozzi (Head of Integrated Systems and Nutrition, CAMST); Nicolas Schilder (Nativa S.r.l. Benefit Company).