June 2022


Canada and the United States, Indonesia and South Korea, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as a large European representation: expected at the Bologna Fairgrounds are numerous operators from supermarket chains, distributors and organic market leaders

It is becoming increasingly international and is confirmed as the must-attend event for the entire supply chain of the organic sectors: SANA is registering a continuous growth of interest in Europe and around the world for all those involved in issues related to organic and healthy living. Ahead of the 34th edition, to be held in Bologna from September 8 to 11, international buyers who have already scheduled their presence at the Organic and Natural Exhibition are increasing their memberships. More than 40 countries from around the world are already represented. Not only Europe, which to date sees buyers arriving from Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, but also the United States and Canada for North America, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for the Middle East. Asia will finally return after the pandemic: confirmations have come from Korea and Indonesia.

These are operators who will represent supermarket chains, distributors and organic market leaders in Bologna. Others include Fine Italian Foods, Red Oak Food Management, LL Grosist d.o.o., Marches Tau, H-E-B, Vero Foods e Bio Spajz d.o.o.