June 2022

Important companies from the Food and Care&Beauty sectors will return to Bologna in September. Growing number of new presences, including relevant international companies

SANA is growing and confirming itself as the key strategic event for the entire organic supply chain, thanks in part to welcome returns.

Important companies that do not want to give up their role as protagonists at the trade show will return to BolognaFiere. Prominent among them, in the food sector are Sottolestelle, a company specializing in the production and marketing of vegan and organic foods, and Bios, a French certification body active on an international scale.

In the Care&Beauty sector, there are indeed many confirmations of exhibitors that it will be possible to meet again at the Fair: from Optima Naturals to Mami Puro Bio, from Biobotanicals to Forever Living Products, continuing with Amerigo, Apiarium, Eurovetrocap and Sapone di un tempo.
And it doesn't end there, because along with those who have decided to return to Bologna, the flow of new entries is growing steadily and at a steady pace, including realities of particular international relevance.

This is the case, for example, with Foodspring GmbH, a German-born company that has decided to create a new combination of sports nutrition and wellness; Swisscare, which specializes in the research and production of safe, innovative and reliable cosmetics; and Nuncas, a company active in the field of detergents and other cleaning and home care products, with an additional line dedicated to cosmetic items.