June 2022

SANA 2022 will feature an exhibition, keynote lectures, talks and the presentation of market research by Nomisma to make the most of the mood-enhancing properties of beneficial plants.

The Via delle Erbe, an initiative organized starting this year in collaboration with the magazine l'Erborista (Tecniche Nuove Group), returns to SANA with a revamped format and prepares to delve into the many advantages and benefits derived from the uses and consumption of medicinal plants and herbs.

This year the spotlight will be on blue herbs, a particular category of plants increasingly valued for their ability to improve mood. A blue to be understood not only as the hue of the flowers or fruits of the selected plants, but also as a color symbolizing a state of mind, the so-called blue mood, the effects of which are significantly dampened on the people who use them.

To give maximum emphasis to these qualities, the next edition of the Via delle Erbe will feature an exhibition dedicated to the history, properties and benefits of some particular species, including for example lavender, passion flower, blueberry, gentian and cornflower.

Also on the program is the premiere presentation of a market research study conducted by Nomisma on the positioning and prospects for herbalist shops in Italy.

The format will also include a schedule of keynote lectures given by professionals and experts in phytotherapy and herbal medicine, as well as conversations between sponsoring companies and herbalists, moderated by experts in the field.