July 2015

The first international conference on organic agriculture in the Mediterranean countries was held a quarter of a century ago in 1990.
The meeting was a milestone in the development of organic farming in Italy and Europe since it marked the start of a regionalization process that led to the formation of the IFOAM AgriBioMediterraneo group.
Now after 25 years, speakers at that landmark meeting - among them Nadia Scialabba (FAO), Marike de Pena (Fairtrade International President) and IFOAM Executive Director, Markus Arbenz - will meet on 13th September at SANA for the conference "Agroecology for Organic Agriculture in the Mediterranean" – to consider organic framing and illustrate the contribution and conclusions of AgriBioMediterraneo at the international forum “Organic Farming Will Feed the Planet” held at EXPO 2015.