July 2015

Organic food production - a major feature at EXPO in the Biodiversity Park and its Organic and Natural Products Pavilion - is an innovative farming practice that is increasingly asserting itself as the means to preserve the planet and its biodiversity, as well as feed the world’s peoples.

To allow the organic farming sector at both national and international level to be a part of this world challenge, Federbio and the major associations grouping organic sector players will stage - with the support of BolognaFiere - an International Forum entitled “Organics will Feed the Planet”. The meeting will be open to all companies or individuals working in the sector whatever their role, as well as members of the general public who believe organic food and food production is the way to ensure future food security on our planet.

International, European and national organic farming organizations have joined forces in a network – coordinated at the international and European level together with Ifoam. Close ties are maintained on all three levels with organizations working in allied areas, such as environmental safeguard and fair trade.

In response to the pivotal question posed by the Universal Exhibition itself - how to meet the challenge of feeding the planet – the Forum will assert the ability of organic farming and organic produce to meet the nutritional and economic needs of its inhabitants while at the same time preserving the world’s natural resources and mitigating man’s effect on the climate.
Organic production is the most important food and agricultural innovation of the late 20th century. It marks a return to an ecosystem approach to food production and renewables that is both socially inclusive and economically resilient.


The Forum will also be an opportunity to engage with the general public on the whole question of organics and their intrinsic value.
The Forum supports research and innovation aimed at improving seed varieties and animal breeds best suited to organic farming techniques and local conditions in a world where all human beings and animals should be treated with respect and dignity.
All research activities and innovation give priority to the wellbeing of our planet and quality of life in a system where farmers and agricultural workers receive just reward for their work.

To attend the forum, please complete the form at: http://www.biodiversityparkexpo.bolognafiere.it/it-it/visitailpadiglionedelbiologico/foruminternazionaledelbiologico.aspx