September 2015

is the first web platform that allows you to adopt or give fruit trees online, follow the development and organic farming through a personal account through any PC or mobile device, and receive their organic fruits directly at home.

The history

BIORFARM was founded in June 2014 as a spinoff of De Falco’s organic farm. The idea comes from Osvaldo, 28 years old Biorfarm founder born in Rossano (CS), who chooses to study Economics in Rome and then working as a financial consultant in Milan. The call of the land, along with that expensive and glossy fruit, which Osvaldo sees on the shelves of big supermarkets, do not leave him indifferent. That is how he decided to do something for his family and the families of all Italy: scan a piece of the countryside and make it available to those who have not the privilege to experience it in person. 

How it works

On the home page of, you can give a name to your tree, select the type (at the moment between oranges, clementines and lemons), select the location in the map and proceed with the adoption online.

After logging in the website with your username and password, every Digital Farmer will follow the development and the care of his organic tree until the harvest of fruits. In addition, the Digital Farmer will have direct contact with Peppino, the farmer who takes care of the plants, through a special form into the private account. When the tree is mature, depending on the type of adoption chosen, within 24-48 hours of collection, the user will receive the fresh fruits of his tree at home throughout Italy.

BIORFARM gives the possibility to choose between different types of adoption that meet the different needs of digital farmers.

●     SILVER – unique delivery

○     Oranges Tree: adoption + 18 kg of fruit = 29,90€

○     Clementines Tree: adoption + 18 Kg of fruit = 34,90€

●     GOLD - one or two delivery

○     Oranges Tree: adoption + 36 Kg of fruit = 54,90€

○     Clementines Tree: adoption + 36 Kg of fruit = 59,90€

●     PLATINUM - one , two or three delivery

○     Oranges Tree: adoption + 54 Kg  of fruit = 79,90€

○     Clementines Tree: adoption + 54 Kg of fruit = 84,90€

●     YELLOW – two deliveries (one summer and one winter)

○     Lemon Tree: adoption + 16 Kg of fruit = 39,90

The real strength of BIORFARM lies in its being entirely 2.0. By pc, tablet, mac and smartphone you can adopt and follow your own tree and you can stay up to date on news and curiosity following Biorfarm on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.


BIORFARM is awarded the title of Eccellenze in digitale (digital excelence) from Google Italy during an event held on June 3 in Rome in the presence of Vint Cerf, vice-director of Google America. Most recently, on July 31, during Expo, BIORFARM received from Coldiretti the Oscar Green Calabria to the section Innovation.