September 2015

160 events including food tasting, food and wine routes and other activities focused on organic sustainable products for everyone to get to know the city through its commercial businesses: Bologna goes green with SANA City, the schedule of events promoted by SANA, the International Exhibition of Organic and Natural Products hosted by BolognaFiere from 12 to 15 September, in partnership with EcoBioConfesercenti .
From Friday 11 to Sunday 20 September SANA City offers a programme of initiatives for all tastes: organic certified high quality
lunches, cocktails, snacks, dinners and food and wine tasting are flanked by special events; “Silvia’s workshop” proposes “The new way of eating in a cycle of 9 themed meetings”, holistic centers open their doors to the public for free trial lessons (Centro Natura, Harmonia, Accademia Italiana Shiatsu-Do), experts meet the public (electromagnetic fields at the Fram Bistrot, an osteopathist at Mondo di Eutepia, an Indian Ayurvedic master at Harmonia, a nutritionist at Spicchiricchi), cooking lessons and workshops (Estravagario, Spicchiricchi, Ca’ Shin), and an organic picnic in Cavaticcio Park with Zenzero Bio Bistrot.
Another not-to-be-missed event is
“Organics White Night”: on Saturday 12 September restaurants and other food businesses belonging to Confcommercio Ascom Bologna will extend their evening opening hours with at least one organic dish on their menus to promote the theme of SANA 2015.