September 2015

Thanks to the 'Cross-border biodiversity' project, 3 square meters of the Amazon rainforest will be safeguarded for each visitor deciding to visit the Biodiversity Park, take part in events or discover Italy’s natural beauties through one of the many multimedia experiences in the pavilion. The rainforest is protected by 150 people of the 27 families belonging the San Pedro community where the Forests Standing Tall project is currently active. The community lives in Silves, an island municipality 340 kilometers from Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas.

Around 10 thousand visitors a day are forecast to visit the Park by 31st October, Expo’s closing date, saving 4.5 million square metres of the rainforest. To mark your way to the Biodiversity Park and make your contribution, you can take part in the 'Cross-border biodiversity' project using the hashtag #BioIsLife. From the Alps to the Amazon, safeguarding biodiversity has never been easier.