June 2015

Food: Italians are increasingly going for organic. This is confirmed by market research. Nielsen’s survey “Organic Food in Italy”, commissioned by Assobio, the Italian association of organic product processors and distributors within FederBio, amply proves that the sector has truly taken off in Italy. Some 18.4 million Italian households buy organic products. 3.2 millions of them are regular weekly purchasers - a 14.8% rise in 2014 on the previous year. Another 3.2 million - 8.4% more than last year - purchase organic once a month, while 12 million families buy something organic every three months.

Women especially favour organic produce while the 25 - 44 and 55 - 64 age groups are the most frequent purchasers. In the last decade the sector has enjoyed double-digit growth, with sales of 2.5 billion Euro. The first four months of 2015 saw a 16% rise on 2014 whose turnover was itself 12% up on 2013.