September 2015

There will be more than 300 products competing at SANA Novita 2015, the prize awarded to the products in the categories of Food, Wellbeing and Other Natural Products, which stand out for the innovation of their concept and packaging. Those proposed by the exhibiting companies and launched on the market beginning from October 2014 (but no more than three per category) can be considered for the award. Visitors to SANA will select the winners by voting during the event. All the products competing will be on display at the Service Centre at the Fair in a special area that represents a genuine showcase for innovation and originality in the world of organics.

For the winning companies BIORFARM offers the digital adoption of an organically farmed citrus tree in the South of Italy on the Calabrian coast. Each tree can be given a name, while winners will be able to participate in the care and harvest of the tree with fruit sent directly to the company within 24/48 hours so that it can be enjoyed by the company’s staff. BIOFARM is the first web platform that enables the adoption or gifting of fruit trees online, enabling the new ‘owners’ to follow the tree’s development and receive its fruit directly at home. The award-winning BIOFARM is one of the most innovative start-ups on the Italian scene. “Our guiding idea,” explains Osvaldo De Falco, project manager of BIOFARM,” is to enable to people to get the most out of nature, not exploiting it or profiting from it but by moving closer to it with the help of technology, which can be both nature’s friend and enemy”.

This year sees the introduction of “Coup de Cour”, the new prize created by BolognaFiere to identify and acknowledge three products competing for SANA Novita, here too there will be one prize for each trade category for the products that manage to leave the greatest impressions on the bloggers of SANA 2015. Each blogger will crown the product relevant to her field of expertise, prizes will be awarded to those products that manage to strike to the heart (“coup de cour”) in terms of originality or packaging. The Judges will be: Giulia Giunta, vegan chef and food blogger of La Mia Cucina Vegetale; Anna Simone, Environmental sociologist and author of the eco blog; and Laura Biindi, cosmetics enthusiast and author of the blog NaturalmenteLalla.

In particular, among the new products will be the latest trends in the sectors of organic foods, wellbeing and natural cosmetics, new products from the innovative and sustainable world worth noting are: