July 2015

6 save-the-date lectures on topics of major interest to sector specialists and Sana visitors wanting to know more about plant therapy, natural-ingredient cosmetics, organic drinks, healthy cooking, nutraceuticals, and vegan cooking.
These are the talking points on the 2015 SANA Academy meeting schedule. The first lecture – on the afternoon of Saturday 12th - will look at plant remedies, especially with regard to overweight
On Sunday 13th there will be two meetings – morning and afternoon: the first, on how to prepare organic cocktails with fruit, greens and herbs; the second, a lecture on healthy cooking, especially with organic ingredients, as a cancer-prevention measure, a question of great topical interest among doctors and sector experts as well as with the general public. In fact, people are increasingly interested in the whole question of preventing disorders and disease starting with what they eat on a daily basis.
There will also be two lecture sessions on Monday 14th. In the morning the topic will be new scientific evidence confirming the nutraceutical properties of saffron, vanilla, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg and other aromatic plants, while the afternoon will be dedicated to natural-ingredient cosmetics, with an illustration of the traditional and more modern plants used in the field. The final lecture – on the morning of Tuesday 15th – will be given by chef Simone Salvini. Soya will be his topic, with illustrations of how to prepare different types of soya mayonnaise and tofu.

Attendance is free and in Italian only. All participants must register beforehand.