June 2015

The SANA NOVITA’ award - now in its 5th edition – last year had some 250 products entered by exhibitors in the competition. Any product placed on the market as of October 2014 and belonging to the 3 SANA product categories - Organic Brand Foods, Well-being (herbal products, natural and organic cosmetics) and Other Natural Products for environment-friendly living - can be entered. Each Exhibitor may register a maximum of 3 products in each category, for a total of 9 products. The 3 winners - one for each product category - will be chosen directly by the SANA visiting public. Each visitor will have 3 votes, one for each category. The products in the competition will be on display in a dedicated area showcasing what's new and original in the SANA organic world. Register your products by filling out the form at the Exhibitor Reserved area on the website.