September 2015

A practical easy-to-use catalogue of the novelties featured at SANA 2015. In a few clicks you can discover the new market trends in organic and natural products with products launched since October 2014 including innovative packaging, directions for use or customer needs. The search engine can be used to find new products of interest and to select your “FAVOURITES” clicking on the HEART-shaped icon.

The novelty Catalogue lets you plan your visit to the fair, contact businesses directly, send emails or print your own product selection. For a unique overview of all new products present at the fair and to vote for your favourites, it is important to visit the fair’s SANA Novità exhibition.

Businesses gaining the most votes will be awarded prizes thanks to the BIORFARM project. BIORFARM is the first web platform allowing users to adopt or give away fruit trees online, monitor their growth and organic cultivation using a personal account on a PC or any mobile device, and receive home deliveries of organic fruit. BIORFARM offers SANA Novità prize winners the chance to adopt a citrus fruit tree from the healthiest most panoramic organic orchards in southern Italy on the Calabrian coast of the Ionian sea. Each tree can be given a name and the winning businesses can take part in fruit growing and picking with the guarantee that the fruit will be sent to the firm within 24/48 hours to be shared among its employees.