June 2015

It’s not just the organic food market that’s showing year-on-year growth despite the international crisis. Natural cosmetics are also enjoying huge success. Organic Monitor, the UK-based market research specialist for the organic and natural product world, reports that the sector is growing by 1 billion dollars a year, with a total turnover in 2013 of 10.4 billion.

The United States claims the lion’s share of the natural-ingredient cosmetics market, accounting for half of global sales. But in third place in the EU, Italy is also an important European market. 

Italy strengthens its position in Europe for the supplement industry. A turnover of 2.3 billion in Italy , over 10 billion at European level , that marks a growth from April 2014 to March 2015 of 7, 6 % with 170 million packs sold and 1,800 companies working in the field (data Ipack - Ima released during a meeting held in Milan) .