July 2016

The source changes but not the end result: naturalness is the new trend with more and more women embracing an eco-friendly green lifestyle.

71% of Italian women prefer products that reflect the values of naturalness (75%), products that are organic (72%) and respect the environment (70%), in addition to appreciating physical activity (65%), tourism (63%) and food and wine (59%) products featuring nature and wellness.

A survey carried out by Beltè on a sample of 1600 Italian women aged between 18 and 65 years disclosed a clear-cut socio-demographic profile: naturalness is mainly chosen by professional women (79%) and managers (74%) aged between 30 and 49 years (77%), living in large cities like Milan (78%) and Rome (76%).

The trend towards organics and natural products is also confirmed by ISMEA, the Institute of Services for the Agrofood Market: after the 11% growth in organic products purchased in 2014, the following period saw a massive +20%.

This figure is further confirmed by Assobio that announced sales figures for May 2016 with +21% in large distribution chains and +13.5% in specialist retail outlets.

3% of food spending by Italian families is on organics with 4.5 million families (18% of the total) regularly consuming organic products, 17% more than last year.

There is also a growing demand for cosmetics, clothes and household products that clean without harming health or the environment.


So women are especially aware of the topic, but they are not alone: it is the system that is increasingly using the voice of nature.