June 2016

These comments emerged at the “The supply chain meets up” event organized by AgroTer where discussion focused on a broad range of topics and consumer market trends in the fruit and vegetable sector.

According to data published in the booklet “Think Fresh – taste first”, the taste factor is the third main reason for purchasing organic produce and this probably accounts for the decisive role of quality control.

Tom Fusato, commercial director of Brio, an organic farming group supplying fruit and vegetables sold by the brand Alce Nero, explains: “Our firm carries out panel tests on produce so foods not reaching a certain level are not labelled with the Alce Nero brand. Our payoff, The Good Thing about Organics, is also backed by checks on flavour to maintain a high quality level”.

At the same time, it is important to operate in the large-scale retail trade with brand communication reflecting the fact that organic produce can be chosen by a broad range of consumers .