August 2017

20% of agricultural land is now covered in bio farms and businesses in Italy. According to SINAB's findings, on behalf of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, organic-cultivated areas reached 1.8 million in 2016 (vs. 1.5 in 2015). More than 300,000 hectares have been converted, with many biofuel operators expanding by too 20.3% to 72,154

"The Italian agricultural model - says Minister Maurizio Martina - is known as one of the most sustainable in Europe. We are working with real professional programming for organic support and the results tell us that this is the right way to go. In addition to the European funds allocated to the regions , 1.5 billion by 2020, we introduced for the first time certified organic canteens and strengthened control standards. Sustainability is increasingly a central key to competitiveness for the Italian agro-food system. "

"The data released by Mipaaf confirms our findings in recent months, and by more data, 2017 will also see  significant growth in the trends for the number of businesses and farms including those converting to bio," says chairman of FederBio Paolo Carnemolla.

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