iamge A tu per tu con Artemidelab




Reducing plastic consumption through solid cosmetics and the use of ecological and sustainable raw materials is the mission of Artemidelab, the artisan company specialising in the sale of body and hair care products.


Cosmetics by choice, natural by respect, artisan by passion. The artisan company from Anzola dell'Emilia, in the province of Bologna, is returning to SANA 2022. It will present formulations born from the fusion of tradition and research for the constantly growing market of solid cosmetics.
Artemidelab is also involved in the production of solid cosmetics for third parties with private labels.


What makes Artemidelab a sustainable brand?

We deal in natural solid cosmetics and our product range is constantly being expanded. We select our raw materials with great care, preferring certified suppliers and guaranteeing the use of natural, quality ingredients.
We want to contribute to slowing down the release of plastic bottles on the market; therefore, all our products are packaged in FSC-certified cardboard boxes and compostable bioplastic derived from maize (PLA).

Artemidelab products are also anhydrous, i.e. they do not contain water. Eliminating water from cosmetic products means less clutter, less waste, less transport and waste emissions.



What distinguishes the natural solid cosmetics promoted by Artemidelab?

From the materials we use, to the way we design, manufacture and deliver our products; we are constantly working to provide cosmetics that connect with nature.
Artemidelab products last at least twice as long as a liquid cosmetic in a bottle, but without the use of plastic. Our cosmetics do not contain SLS, SLES, silicones, parabens and petrolatum.


What new products will you be presenting at SANA 2022?

The next SANA will be an opportunity to present our new natural solid cosmetics line that includes shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and solid cream for a sustainable, practical and economical cleansing and moisturising routine.